The Robotics Academy Summit

Friday November 8th

Graham Center (GC) Room 243

Ernest R.Graham Center, University Park, FL 33174

The Robotic Academy Summit has been organized to launch the Project’s research phase. The one-day summit will feature four keynote speakers - industry leaders and business owners who are noted analysts of automation and AI technologies across the global economy.

The Summit’s focus is on its invited industry collaborators and partners and firms across the AEC cluster, including large and small firms, and a cross-section of businesses who have adopted, or not yet adopted, automated systems into their practice. The Summit is a high-level focused exchange aimed at:

  • An examination of the state of the field, industry, and automation application across the global economy
  • A presentation and discussion of new automation and AI opportunities and challenges in the AEC cluster
  • A presentation of the shared experiences of the keynote speakers in their path to adoption and application of new automation and AI technologies
  • An in-depth discourse between the industry partner invitees, addressing their different experiences, perspectives, and challenges faced by businesses who have adopted new AI and advanced automation technologies in their business practice, and those who have not

A key goal of the Summit is to establish working relationships between the Project team and a broad group of industry partners. It calls interested businesses to participate in the Project as expert advisors, future focus groups, and to test the Project’s software products as they are developed. In exchange for participating in the Project, industry partners will receive early access to the Project’s industry reports, training software, and a business specific opportunity analysis.

Summit Program