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  • dentist Toronto     City Dental Center   Regular brushing and flossing may not be enough in maintaining healthy gums and teeth. It is essential to have a regular dental check-up and professional cleaning as part of your oral health and overall general care. Our modern state-of-the-art dental office and our care objective is to aid our patients in sustaining a healthy smile for the rest of their lives. City Dental Center handles patients of all ages with the best quality of dental care.   With our sincerest.compassion, we will manage your different needs from your regular dental examination to a whole restoration of the mouth and all procedures in between. We are happy to welcome you and your loved ones as one of our dental families. City Dental Center uses advanced equipment, techniques, procedures and systems to provide exceptional dentistry. The team is founded by people with not just dental field expertise but also care and kindness. We will ensure that your appointments will be as warm and pleasant as possible.

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