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  • OPTUM-EBA.de   3-4 To understand: With the help of our OPTUM PRO DIAGNOSIS consisting of predictive diagnoses, supplier offer algorithms and our market observation, we are able to optimally determine the duration of DURATION and the TYPE of energy supply contracts for our client in the current market environment. WITHOUT OPTUM PRO, the conclusion of energy supply contracts is mostly based on empirical values up to decisions based on gut feeling. With data-based findings for optimal timing from the OPTUM PRO DIAGNOSIS, we negotiate electricity and gas contracts for commercial clients or industrial companies with unchanged technical framework conditions, but with more favorable and individual energy purchase prices. Following the negotiations, the optimized energy contract is concluded directly between the company and the energy supplier. As an agency for energy, we act independently of energy suppliers. As your agency for energy, we are at your side and will be happy to address your individual needs in a free expert discussion.   #To know about more visit our website: https://optum-eba.de/

2022-11-24 10:42:51

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